New Baby

Congratulations on the birth of your new baby from all at Woodview Family Doctors

As part of the Mother & Infant scheme your GP will see your baby for a 2 week check and see both mother and baby at a 6 week check. These two visits are part of the Mother & Infant Scheme and there will be no charge.

The purpose of the two week check is to assess your baby’s hips (sometimes called ‘Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip’ DDH).   In some babies, the top of one or both of the thigh bones may be out of the hip joint, or have a tendency to move out of the joint. It is important to pick this up as soon as possible so that it can be treated.
Soon after birth @ 2 weeks and 6 weeks your baby’s hips will be checked for this problem. Unfortunately, even experts cannot always pick it up and sometimes it develops later on.

Always tell your doctor if a relative had hip problems as a baby.