COVID-19 and attending the Surgery

Woodview Family Doctors remain open throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.  We have put protocols in place to ensure the safety of patients and staff in line with Department of Public Health guidelines.    We have changed the way we manage GP and Nurse consultations .   Initially,  you will have a telephone consultation and then the doctor or nurse will arrange an examination at the surgery, if medically necessary.    To comply with  Public Health guidelines your visit to the surgery will be less than 15 minutes as your medical history will have been taken at the telephone consultation.  Any patient over 13 years of age will have to wear a face covering.

It is important to remember, however, that everyday medical issues continue to occur during this period.  We continue to be available for any medical needs, as well as routine pregnancy care, childhood vaccinations, and urgent blood tests/investigations.  Please telephone the surgery to make these appointments.

As per HSE guidelines please DO NOT attend the practice without a prearranged appointment .

We understand that this is a very challenging time.  Your patience is appreciated while we adjust to this new working environment.

If you cannot get through to the surgery and it is an emergency please call 999 for an urgent ambulance.




Covid-19 Vaccination Clinics at Woodview – updated 08/04/2021

The Covid19 vaccine programme  is continuing at Woodview Family Doctors.    We are coming towards the end of the vaccine programme for our patients aged 70 years of age and over.

We continue to vaccinate according to strict Government guidelines.   We are expecting to move on to the next cohorts of patients in the next few weeks, in line with HSE guidance.

The next identified cohort of patients are those in Group 4 – people at very high risk of severe Covid-19.  Please see link below:-

This group includes:-

  • Diabetic patients with HbA1c >= 58 mmol/mol
  • Patients with BMI >40 kg/m2
  • Patients with very severe chronic respiratory disease (COPD, Cystic fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis) requiring home oxygen or hospital admission related to their lung condition in the past year.

All other patients in Group 4 (cancer patients currently on treatment, renal dialysis, Down syndrome, sickle cell disease) are expected to be vaccinated through the hospital services.  Most immunocompromised patients due to disease or  treatments (e.g. methotrexate) are in Group 7 (see below), however a small number are included in Group 4.  These patients include post solid organ transplant, stem cell transplant in the past 12 months or genetic immune deficiencies.  Vaccination for Group 4 patients is expected to commence in late April/early May.

Vaccination for Group 7 patients will closely follow on from vaccination of Group 4 patients.  Information about this group is in link below

Group 7 includes patients on immunosuppression therapies (e.g. methotrexate), chronic heart disease, chronic kidney disease, chronic respiratory disease, chronic neurological disease, diabetes with HbA1c <58 mmol/mol.

If you are in Group 4 or Group 7, and have not already received your vaccine, please email the surgery on with your name, date of birth and underlying health condition.  We will use this information to confirm that you are on our list of patients in Groups 4 and 7 and we will contact you when your vaccine is available for administration.

There is no discretion whatsoever for us to vaccinate any patient with an underlying medical condition unless they fall into the above groups;

We will update our website regularly when we have further information.


Medical Certification for children and adults

Parents/Guardians will be concerned about children being unwell and school attendance.  There will also be concerns about requiring medical certification to be able to attend childcare facilities.

Please see some helpful information on the Frequently Asked Questions section of this website.

Regarding adults with underlying medical conditions who are concerned about returning to the workplace.  Please also refer to the Covid 19 page.

Click here for a quick guide to self-isolation guidelines.

Repeat Prescription Requests and Social Welfare Certificates During COVID-19 Pandemic

If you need your usual repeat prescription, please give us  five working days’  notice.   This will allow your doctor time to check and prepare your prescription.   Please telephone your pharmacy to arrange dispensing and a collection day/time.

Please email  your prescription request to with ALL the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Your Doctor’s Name
  • Names of each medication required
  • Pharmacy name

Please DO NOT email with clinical queries or concerns. If you are unwell or worried about any symptoms please phone the surgery at 021-482 1111.


When you telephone to request a Social Welfare Cert it will now be electronically submitted on your behalf directly to the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection.  When you contact the practice please ensure that you have your PPS number to hand.

If you are in receipt of  social welfare  payment in relation to an existing illness, then please contact the surgery to request your Social Welfare Certificate in the usual manner and we will arrange to submit same on your behalf electronically.

If you are seeking illness benefit due to a Covid-19 case, whether restricting your movements due to having had a COVID19 test (or a household member is having COVID19 testing) and you are unable to go to work you can apply for Illness Benefit for COVID-19 absences.  Please note an Ilness Benefit application form is available on line for Covid-19 related cases (self isolation or diagnosis) only.  This online facility is available at the following link:

If you are claiming Illness Benefit for a new illness, you will need to submit an Ilness Benefit Application (1B1 Form) directly to the Department of Social Protection and your doctor will submit electronically the Certificate of Incapacity for Work on your behalf.   You can request an IB1 Form to be sent out to you by phoning 1890 800 024 or by e-mail to

Under no circumstances should you attend the surgery to request or collect a Social Welfare Certificate or an  Employer Sick Note.   If you forward a S.A.E. we can arrange to post out your Employer Sick Note.  This is in keeping with Public Health guidelines to try and to keep physical contact to a minimum.

Please DO NOT use the practice email address to request Social Welfare Certificates.  This is used only for prescription requests only.