At Woodview Family Doctors we have an all inclusive holistic approach to the provision of medical care.

All our doctors are registered with the private healthcare providers VHI, Laya Healthcare and Irish Life. If a patient requires a procedure which is covered by their healthcare insurance the necessary forms can be completed at the surgery. The patient will always be advised that if their healthcare insurance rejects the claim for payment then the patient will be liable for the procedure.

Medical care is also available to anyone visiting from an EU country holding a valid EU health insurance card or a visitor from the UK with a valid NHS card.

Our Fees are as follows (updated 18th January, 2024 )

  • Routine consultation €65 
  • Telephone consultation €55
  • Consultation and blood test €85
  • Follow up consultation €45
  • Blood Test €30
  • Wound dressing with Nurse €40
  • Ear Syringe €60
  • ECG €70
  • Injection (B12, Depo, Chicken pox, shingles for example) €35
  • Mirena coil
    • Initial consultation and counselling €65
    • Mirena (fitting & follow up) €200
    • Check at 6 weeks covered in insertion fee
    • Mirena removal €90
    • Mirena removal & insertion €230
  • Implanon
    • Implanon (insertion only) €110
    • Removal €130
    • Removal and re-insertion (same day) €170
  • Travel Vaccination €65 plus the cost of vaccines (see Travel section)
  • Enduring Power of Attorney and/or Power of Attorney (all patients)  €120
  • Driving Licence Report (all patients) €65
  • 24 HR BP Monitor €65
  • Passport Form (all patients) €20
  • Dermatology Review (all patients and charge applies whether virtual or face to face consultation) €65
  • Non Medical letters (all patients) €20

Please note that repeat prescriptions are provided free of charge unless a check up is required in which case a consultation fee is charged.

It is clearly defined under the General Medical Services contract  the medical care available to a patient with a valid Medical Card (GMS) or Doctor Visit Card (DVC).

Items not covered by medical card

There are certain consultations which are not part of the medical card scheme.
– Eyesight/driving license report

– Passport Form

– Non medical letters

– Sports club pre-membership medicals

– Travel Vaccinations

– Vaccinations not covered under the National Childhood Immunization programme

– Adult & Paediatric Phlebotomy (Blood Tests)  There is a €10 charge for a blood test for a patient with a Medical Card and/or Doctor Visit Card.

– For all children under  8  registered with the D.V.C. Scheme,  €30 fee will apply for a blood test as this service is not covered by this scheme.  Blood tests are free of charge at the hospital and please inquire at reception for further information.

– Insurance or Medical Reports

-Medical examinations for legal purposes

-Joint Injections

-Dermatology Review

* Please contact reception for a full list of items not covered and for the associated fee.